Grants and Awards

Research grants

  • Oct 2019 — Sep 2023 NWO Veni grant from the Dutch Research Council for the project VI.Veni.192.208 “Nonsmooth spacetimes and singularities” (acceptance rate: 14%, EUR 280,000)
  • Jul—Aug 2017 ESI Junior Research fellowship for the project “Lorentzian curvature revisited” for an extended research stay at the Erwin Schrödinger International Institute of Mathematics and Physics in Vienna, Austria
  • Oct 2012 — Jun 2013 “For Women in Science” fellowship for the project “A synthetic approach to spacetimes of low regularity” (awarded to four young, excellent female scientists from medicine, mathematics, natural and life sciences) from L’Oréal Austria in cooperation with the Austrian Commission for UNESCO, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research (acceptance rate: 7%, EUR 20,000)
  • Sep 2011 — Jul 2012 Bourse d’excellence Eiffel for the project “Spacetimes of low regularity” (excellence scholarship for international students) from the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (acceptance rate: 31%, EUR 15,035)
  • Jan—Dec 2010 Forschungsstipendium (research fellowship) from the University of Vienna for the project FS 506 “Analysis of singular geometrical structures” (acceptance rate: 28%, EUR 13,000)


  • Nov 2014 Studienpreis (thesis award) of the Austrian Mathematical Society for my PhD thesis “Analytic and geometric aspects of spacetimes of low regularity”
  • Nov 2014 Würdigungspreis (award of appreciation for outstanding performance during university studies) by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
  • Mar 2014 Promotio sub auspiciis (praesidentis rei publicae), PhD degree and gold ring awarded by the President of Austria [see media report and pictures of the ceremony], highest possible honor for achievements during school and university studies in Austria (awarded to 0.8% of PhD graduates)
  • 2005—07 Leistungsstipendien (merit undergraduate scholarships) from the University of Vienna, awarded three times in Mathematics

Financial support for conference organization

Smaller fellowships and travel support