List of Publications


Publications in peer-reviewed journals


  • Analytic and geometric aspects of spacetimes of low regularity [german abstract, french abstract, multilingual abstract, full version on request]
    PhD thesis in Mathematics (2014), Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) and University of Vienna.
  • Curvature analysis of anticlines in the Zagros mountains (Iraq) [abstract, pdf, MATLAB code]
    Bachelor thesis in Earth Sciences (2010), University of Vienna.
  • Isomorphisms of algebras of smooth and generalized functions [abstract, pdf]
    Diploma/Master thesis in Mathematics (2009), University of Vienna.


  • LehrFEM – A 2D Finite Element Toolbox [pdf]
    with contributions by Patrick Meury and Eivind Fonn, Manual for FEM MATLAB code (Sep 2008), ETH Zürich.