Some of my lecture notes are collected in my List of Publications. Further material is available on Brightspace. If not stated otherwise the courses are taught in English.

Courses at Radboud University, Netherlands

  • Spring 2024 [upcoming] Singularities and Black Holes (graduate lecture and tutorial, Master)
  • Fall 2023 [upcoming] Analyse 1 (in Dutch, undergraduate lecture and tutorial, 1st year Bachelor)

*Courses from 13 Mar 2020 until 10 Jun 2022 were taught fully online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except: The Intro PDE course in Fall 2020 and the Intro FT course in Fall 2021 were taught largely on campus, and the courses in Spring 2022 in a hybrid format (and due to several quarantines and COVID-19 infections sometimes still online).

Courses taught at Rutgers University, United States

Courses taught at the University of Bonn, Germany

Courses taught at the University of Vienna, Austria (as teaching assistant)